Isn’t Your Website Doing Well? Analyze the Structure of it Today.

website-structureIt’s very common with every marketer to give an extra push to the promotional activities if a website fails to perform as expected, whereas the website structure plays an important role to get you a good rank. But many times, this important fact gets ignored.

Do you know that the base of a website promotion lies into making all the pages accessible within a few clicks? According to the experts, a visitor should not waste more than three clicks to visit a certain page and that can be achieved only when your website has a good structure.

So, let’s learn how to make one.

Internal Linking

Most of the times, we link an old content while publishing a new one. We hardly go back to an old blog and find a relevant keyword to link it to new content. This is what restricts to create a good link juice. Therefore, make sure that both old and new contents are linked to each other so that all of your contents get importance and refreshed. Besides, it will increase the depth of the page and help users get more new information even when they are going through an old article or blog.

User Experience

With the huge competition in the web world, the importance of looks and feels gets intensified. A user will immediately abandon your site if he is to spend a huge time to view the information he is looking for. You have to take care of the fact that a user makes less effort after visiting your website. And when it comes Search Engine Optimization, it leaves a greater impact. Naturally, when users dismiss your site right after having a look at it, the bounce rate increases and Google never treats it as a positive sign to rank you higher. Therefore, you should take the user experience seriously and ensure that the navigation makes sense.

URL Structure

Have you ever encountered the special characters like %, &, @, #? Generally, these are used when a dynamic URL is built and they are mostly seen in eCommerce stores where there’s no need of permanent URLs as various products get uploaded frequently. But, if you are building a lead generation website or a blog site, you must use static URLs as your web pages won’t get changed often. Let’s say you have a service page on your lead generation website. In that case the URL of the page should be “”. It not only makes easy for the search engines to recognize your pages, but also it is helpful for the users to understand which page the URL is meant for. Apart from this, you should not use underscores between two words as they turn two words into one. To separate the words, it’s always better to add dashes.

Therefore, if you want better results, plan for a perfect website structure first as a perfect navigation only can show the right way to the readers as well as the search engines.


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